Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Sinensis

Model No.︰SLZYC-017

Brand Name︰a-best

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Cordyceps Sinensis

Properties (characteristics) :Sweet, Warm

Channels (meridians) entered: Lung, kidney

Actions &Indications:  kidney yang deficiency (shenyangxu)

Tonifies lung yin and kidney yang. For impotence, chronic lower back pain, afraid of cold, over abundance of mucus and tears,  chronic cough and wheezing from deficiency, blood in phlegm from consumption due to kidney yang deficiency (shenyangxu)

Medical Function:

  improves auto-immune system,

  protects kidneys from toxins,

  protects kidneys from exhaustion,

  protects liver from toxins and treats and prevents cirrhosis of


 protect the heart from the damaging effect of  ouabain



  anti-rejection effect in cornea transplant,

  antibiotic effect,

  inhibits contraction of smooth muscles


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